Mark Leahy

Judo Black Belt

Youth Judo Instructor

Mark Leahy is a former Marine who began playing Judo at the University of Vermont in 1990. He was an avid competitor at the time and took First Place at the New England Judo Championship as a Brown Belt.

Mark moved to Los Angeles in 1995 continuing his Judo training and competing at tournaments. He spent most of his time learning under former Olympian Steve Seck and Judo legend Hayward Nishioka. Taking advantage of all L.A. had to offer, he also traveled to other Dojo's frequently. He was able to train at the traditional Kodokan Dojo of Tenri, and also branched out to other disciplines. He was a frequent student at Hayastan and studied with Gokor Chivichyan and Gene LeBell who are most recently known for their instruction and training with Ronda Rousey.

Mark's daughter has recently started playing Judo and seems just as hooked with the sport. Her interest has made it possible for him to use his extensive teaching knowledge to motivate the kids class.

Once she's gone home, Sensei Mark delights in going hands on and full speed with the adults. He enjoys sharing the skill and respect that comes from being a Judoga.

With his free time he enjoys drinking coffee and raising bees for honey.